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David Munger

My husband, David Munger, is a former member of the Marine Corps League.  I don't believe he is listed as a current member, however he does receive the monthly newsletter.  David used to handle the league's website.  He broke his back three years ago and became paralyzed.  He has been bedridden since then.  He has fought various health battles due to the paralysis. He had been fighting a very strong infection since January and it was diagnosed as terminal in July.  David had been at the Hospice unit in Tyler for several months and came home about two weeks ago, to pass with family. He passed on Oct. 5th in Quitman.  He is going to have a visitation on Sunday, Oct. 9th from 4 to 6 pm at Beaty Funeral home in Mineola.  He will be sent for cremation.  Our family will travel to the National Cemetery in Grand Prairie next Wednesday or Thursday to bury his ashes.  The members of the Marine Corps League have been very kind to send David cards for the last several years.  I wanted them to know that he had passed.  Please convey our "Thanks' to them for the kindness that was shown to David.

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