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Shoulder patches are worn on the undress uniform white aviator shirt, short sleeve or long sleeve, and the female white USMC style shirt only. 


A. The Marine Corps League shoulder patch will be worn on the LEFT sleeve, centered on the sleeve and 1-1/2" below the shoulder seam. 


B. The United States Flag patch (2" x 3") will be worn on the RIGHT Sleeve, centered on the sleeve and 1-1/2" below the shoulder seem.  The United States Flag patch will have a WHITE border, and will have a field of BLUE to the right (to the wearer's front). 


C. At the Wearer's Choice; if a member Is a Member of the Military Order of Devil Dogs, the MOOD patch may be worn in place of the United States Flag patch, centered on the sleeve and 1-1/2" below the shoulder seam. 


D. NO Service or Unit patches are to be worn on the Marine Corps League Uniform.

The Basic Uniform, as its name implies, is the minimum Marine Corps League uniform item that can be worn for members to be considered "in uniform." 


The individual items that make up the Basic Uniform for regular and associate members are illustrated below.  The LCPL Shane L. Goldman Detachment wears a unisex cover.

A. The basic uniform of the Marine Corps League is the cover.  All other parts of the uniform are optional, the cover remains as the only consistent identifier for Marine Corps League members, which is why the cover is worn indoors at appropriate Marine Corps League functions.  When Marine Corps League Members are wearing the appropriate cover, as listed below, they are considered to be in uniform.  NO OTHER TYPE OF COVER MAY BE WORN AT A  MARINE CORPS LEAGUE FUNCTION OR MEETING. 


B. All members of the Marine Corps League are authorized to wear the RED COVER.

C. The only insignia authorized for wear on the Marine Corps League Covers is the 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" Anodized Solid Gold Color or Polished Brass Marine Corps Emblem (Enlisted Style Only) on the Left Side.  The Devil Dog patch, if authorized, will be worn up front on the right side of the cover.  The identification strips, i.e., Department or Detachment strip, or embroidering, will be centered on the right side.  If the "LIFE" strip is worn, it will be to the rear of the right side.  The "LIFE MEMBER" strip will be worn the same as the identification strips are worn, and should be worn above other strips. 


As of August 2015, this is the current Uniform Dress Code and Guide Book.
To purchase uniform online, go to the National Store.
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